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Challenger Mindset is a Sport Psychology and Mindset Training consultancy run by Ross Preston (SEPiT). We aim to help athletes and performers grow into more authentic individuals who perform to their potential when it matters most.

We blend evidence-based techniques and approaches from sport psychology with a warm, engaging, and compassionate approach to our sessions. We take this approach to ensure our clients feel well-supported, understood and safe to learn more about themselves and their mindset. This allows us to progress side-by-side towards your goals.

If you're a performer in any sport or domain that is aiming to unlock the next level in your performance, developing self-understanding and mental strategies is vital to performing when it matters and living as true to yourself as possible.  Start your journey today by getting in touch with us.


Ross Preston Sport Psychologist

Name: Ross Preston

Role: Performance Mindset Coach & Founder


Whatsapp: 07950378048

Who am I?

I have been fascinated by ways to enhance performance for many years now. As a swimmer in my teens, I never felt like it was the sport I loved. This impacted my enjoyment and motivation to train and compete and resulted in me leaving the sport. Whilst my sporting journey didn't turn out how I wanted, leaving swimming allowed me to find what I was passionate about, made me aware of the importance of mindset, and allowed me to reflect on what was missing when I competed. Despite my personal goals turning towards fitness, my fascination with high performance never faded and fuelled my passion for sport psychology and becoming a mindset coach. Today I’m here to support you in developing a mindset that empowers you or your child to reach their potential, instead of being held back the same way I was.

I have experience supporting youth and adult athletes from amateur to elite level and am currently working as a Performance Psychologist with England Touch Rugby. Alongside this, I have a background working in education and community mental health. 

Education and Training

  • SEPAR Training (Ongoing)

  • MSc Sport Psychology

Placement: RFL Match Officials

Sport Psychology Support

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

Placement: Manchester United

Academy Performance Support

Other Interests

I enjoy playing football and golf, strength training, running, reading, traveling, and cooking. I love watching all sports but mainly follow football as a Stoke supporter, MMA, and golf.

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