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A transformational 3-month mindset training programme for aspiring young footballers and athletes. 


At Challenger Mindset, we can't stand to see aspiring young players be held back from reaching their potential because they struggle with the mental side of the game. Does it sound familiar to you as a parent to be standing on the touchline heartbroken to see your child get so frustrated and down on themselves, as they struggle to show the skills you've seen so many times in training or in the garden?

Wanting to be a footballer puts a lot of pressure on young players, but it doesn't have to define their journey. That's why we created the Kickstart Mindset Training programme. So we can teach young aspiring footballers to embrace the pressure of the game. Your child can learn how to be laser-focused, how to make a mistake and bounce straight back, and how to stop emotions and self-criticism ruling over the way they want to play.  You can see your child thriving in football and life, enjoying every moment of it.

This programme is perfect for aspiring young players of either gender that are currently playing academy football or striving to reach it. So, are you ready to invest in kickstarting your child's mindset training journey?


The Kickstart Mindset Training Programme trains three key elements (the 3C's) to develop a mindset that equips young footballers to thrive in the game and in life:

Coping with challenges and setbacks.

Control of the actions that help fulfil potential.

Courage to play your game and take on challenges confidently.


What's Included?​

This is a 3-month programme, including:

  • 6x Mindset training sessions

  • Whatsapp support

  • Mindset Training Toolkit

  • Weekly Progress Prompt

  • Mindset 'Kickstarted' Programme Report


If you're interested in enrolling your child on the Kickstart Mindset Training Programme or have any questions, please fill out the application form hereWe use this to find out more about your child's current mindset and ensure they are suitable for the programme.

After reviewing your application form and confirming your child's place on the programme, we then hold a parent strategy call to discuss the programme in more detail and outline a plan moving forward. Sound good? If so, contact us today to get kick-started!

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