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Through working with us, you can put yourself in the driving seat of your own development. With our support, learn how to embrace challenges, manage your mindset, focus on the right thing at the right time, and perform at the level you want when it matters most. It doesn't matter what sport you do or what level you perform at, growing your self-awareness and psychological skills can empower you towards building the mindset needed to reach your potential.



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What's Involved?

Mindset training consultations involve working with Ross to learn and enhance your mental skills and performance. We use research-backed approaches and tools from Performance Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) to equip you with everything you need to grow as a performer and person. Also, we ensure you get the support you need in between sessions so that mindset training slides smoothly into your schedule.


All programmes start with a 'deep dive' session where we establish your needs and goals. We then tailor your sessions to hit the areas of your mindset that you want to improve. Sessions last 50 minutes and can be online or in-person (Cheshire/Staffordshire).

What's Involved?

Mindset-in-action sessions involve performance observations or practicing mental skills during training or simulated performance.

 In these sessions, we can:

  • Train techniques to manage your mind under simulated pressure

  • Create and practice pre-performance routines

  • Analyse performance behaviours and self-talk

  • Learn optimal ways to respond to challenging situations


All programmes start with a 'deep dive' session where we establish your needs and goals. We can then create a programme incorporating mindset in action sessions if that is what you want to focus on, or if we see it as the optimal way to embed mental skills learnt in sessions. You can also request a mindset-in-action session to focus on a specific aspect of your mindset 'in-play.' Mindset-in-action sessions last 50 minutes and are at a location convenient to you.



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What's Involved?

Our group workshops have two core aims: To bring teams together and provide valuable, actionable takeaways. We tailor the topic to your request and present it in an engaging way, involving practical elements in the session so that all team members get involved. Workshop length varies (approx. 40 minutes).


Common topics include:

  • Team cohesion

  • Identity

  • Motivation

  • Group values

  • Psychological skills for performance

  • Athlete mental health

What's Included?

  • Workshop topics tailored to the needs of your team

  • Flexible delivery - In person (Cheshire/Staffordshire) or online

  • Engaging and practical delivery

  • Content based on up-to-date research in performance psychology and wellbeing

  • Post-workshop check-in


Our outlook on mindset support is that real growth happens through a commitment to developing self-awareness and using mental skills. We aim to build the base of a strong mindset for our clients in the short term, but growing towards your true potential is a longer-term process. We encourage clients to view us as someone to go on that journey with. Our support plans are made with this in mind, but also to provide you with flexibility when you need it.

Challenger to Champion: £120 per month (Extra Sessions: £60)

-2x Monthly 1-to-1 Mindset Training Sessions

-WhatsApp/Email Support

-Mindset Training Toolkit

-Between Session Progress Prompt

-Progress Report (Every 3 months)

-All day session slots

Mindset Mastery: £65 per month (Extra Sessions: £65)

-1x Monthly 1-to-1 Mindset Training Session

-Monthly Check-in

-Mindset Training Toolkit

-All day session slots

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Our mindset training plans are specifically created to meet your needs.

Got questions? Why not schedule a FREE enquiry call with Ross, where he can take you through the process and answer any questions?

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