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Focused basketballer


Sport Psychology and

Mindset Training


Challenger Mindset is a sport psychology and mindset training consultancy founded by Ross Preston (SEPiT).

We are passionate about empowering amateur to elite athletes and performers to manage their minds, perform to their potential, and grow into the version of themselves they want to be.

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We tailor all our services to your specific needs. This could involve learning mental strategies to manage the challenging thoughts, feelings and experiences that come with being an athlete. Or, it could be about embracing the anxiety that comes with making significant changes in your life as a performer.

Our core aim is simply to close the gap between your current self and your true potential.
By equipping you with mental skills and a greater understanding of yourself, we aim to empower you to take more control over your mind, life and performance. With this, you should be able to not only handle pressure but thrive in it.


Focused athlete

Amateur to Elite Athletes

Youth football coach


Teammates putting their fists together

Sport and Business Teams

Dance Performance

Performing Artists


Challengers push the boundaries of their potential with a mindset built on resilience, optimism, and persistence in pursuing their goals. With high ambition and authenticity, they also embrace challenges as chances to learn and grow into better individuals.

Through growing yourself and your mental skillset, we believe this is the type of mindset that any athlete or performer can develop in the pursuit of their potential. Take the first step by working with us.

Female runner on a road



There are many aspects of your mindset that could grow through working with us. Some aspects may be causing you issues that are holding your performances and well-being back. Others may be areas you feel you are already strong in, but you want to take them to the next level. If you are unsure on what area you want to focus on, here are some common areas to work on through mindset training:

Athlete enjoying competition


Belief in your ability is key to performing the way you want to. With our knowledge and tools, learn how to enhance your confidence and keep it at the level you need to perform at your best.

Focused sprinter at the start line


Want to develop your ability to focus on the right thing at the right time? We can help you pay attention to the present moment, identify what to focus on, and keep that focus to avoid costly lapses in concentration when you are performing.  

Golfer pushing the tee into the ground in his pre shot routine


If you struggle with inconsistency and getting distracted we can help you create performance routines suited to your sport and direct your focus to the moment that matters.

Fencer with performance anxiety


Learn to manage the difficult thoughts and feelings that can impact your performances. Struggle with the pressure of competition? Thrive in it by learning skills and strategies to cope with big moments.

Motivated runner finishing a race


Change is happening all the time for you as a performer. These change periods, or transitions, can be challenging to your identity. Through speaking with us, gain clarity on how you or your child can progress through the challenges of transitions in a way that's true to yourself and in line with your values.

Young gymnast on the bars


Is there a gap between your true potential and what you produce on competition day? Does pressure influence the way you think in the big moments? Building the capacity to thrive under pressure can be achieved through mindset training.


Challenger Mindset offers evidence-based, individually tailored sport psychology and mindset training programmes, as well as running bespoke workshops for teams or groups.

Female swimmer racing


We offer both online and in-person sessions where we explore what you want to develop. Whatever your situation is, we focus on your needs and create a programme using research-backed approaches that enable you to progress towards a greater level of performance and authenticity. Outside of sessions, our tools and support make it easy to fit mental training into your schedule.

Group workshop


Our group workshops are a great way of connecting your team with sport psychology and mindset training. We tailor our workshops to your requirements and focus on delivering engaging, practical, and impactful sessions that your team can transfer into their performance and wellbeing.


Professional Footballer

"From the get go I have liked Ross's way of teaching/helping me as an athlete and a person in general. His listening skills, acknowledgment, and techniques are awesome!  I believe it was three sessions in with Ross after doing some exercises and exploring different mental sides of me being an athlete that really had a great impact on me on and off the field, how I react to coaches whether it being negative or positive, and it made me feel the "pressure" less than I have in a while.
First session in I knew that it was the right decision. I had been looking for a sports psychologist anyway, and after Ross was mentioned I thought let me give it a try and after the first session I realised "this is the one". Simply because of his way of teaching, adapting to what may go on in my week, his great sessions, and me being vulnerable and transparent with him (which isn't easy for me). 6 sessions in and he has definitely helped with my mental performance which is showing during practices and games. If I were to persuade a friend to work with Ross, I think the first thing I would tell them is that he is the legit deal! He knows his stuff and he is also willing to learn. But, most importantly he not only makes you feel safe, but his sessions are fun, knowledgeable and you can truly notice the difference after your first or second session with him!"

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